Contribution and abstracts

Abstract submission deadline:February 15, 2013
The abstract submission has been extended to March 2nd.

Abstracts should be submitted using ACAT2013 Indico web page.

Track 1: Computing Technology for Physics Research
Jerome Lauret (BNL)
David Britton (Glasgow Univ.)
Axel Naumann (CERN)
Gang Chen (Computing center, IHEP)
Track 2: Data Analysis - Algorithms and Tools
Thomas Speer, (Brown Univ. US)
Depei Qian (BeiHang Univ. CN)
Denis Oliveira Damazio, (BNL US)
Pushpa Bhat (FNAL, US)
Weidong Li (Experimental center, IHEP CN)
Track 3: Computations in Theoretical Physics: Techniques and Methods
Daniel Maitre, (Durham Univ. UK.)
Andrei Kataev (INR, Moscow, RU)
Andrej Arbuzov, (JINR, RU)
Gudrun Heinrich (MPI Munich, GE)
Wengan Ma (University of Science and Technology of China, CN)
Tord Riemann (Desy, Zeuthen, GE)
Peter Uwer (Humbold Univ., GE)